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The open house encouraged reviewing proposed project boards and informal discussions with city staff.

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  1. Absolutely MUST have speed control from school east to the stop sign at Crown Hill.
  2. Would like to see equal width of sidewalk on Wornall Rd. both sides.
  3. But the entire area needs a lower speed 15-20 mph.

I came today because I live downtown (The Oaks) and was interested in possibly having some sidewalks on Thompson Ave. leveled by “My Best Friend’s Barber” and just past “The Montgomery” where a bench sets — It would make walking much safer to have level sidewalks.

Personally, I do not think we should be focusing on the westside business district as the top priority with Cornerstone Elementary being built, there needs to be sidewalks down Wornall as soon as possible. As a runner, I don’t feel as safe running in Excelsior as I do in Liberty or Kearney, because they have the infrastructure. There are a lot of good things being proposed here. Even if the intersection of Wornall and McCleary does not get a roundabout, I do think it needs to become a 4 way stop, because people fly over the hill dividing Cherry Hills and Madison Park.

Public Comments

This is the first town I’ve lived in that does not have sidewalks. I remember thinking when we moved here, why are there no sidewalks? Where are people suppose to walk, the street? I’ve lived in Nebraska, Iowa, Wyoming and now Missouri and never been anywhere that the city/town didn’t have the majority of streets (residential) with sidewalks.

I took the survey and I think the sidewalks should’ve been done a long time ago on Wornall. But I guess since there is an elementary school being built there now that would have to be done no matter what the survey results show. How do the property owners on that street feel about losing most of their yard? I’m not sure about the round about at McCleary though, to me that’s constant moving traffic and I think there should be a light that is motion activated there or something. But I think they are all areas that need a sidewalk.

So there is currently a sidewalk on Wornall right across from the new school. That is the ONLY section of Wornall that has a sidewalk and it is in TERRIBLE shape. It needs redone for sure. It also needs to extend all the way up on that side to the corner of Crown Hill Road and down to McCleary. There also needs to be a sidewalk on the other side all the way down and the only reason for it to be on the other side now is because of the new school. Also need to put a sidewalk in along Lodwick! There is going to be a ton of kids walking to school and there is no sidewalk there at all and that road is NARROW!

As far as a roundabout heck no!!!! That is a terrible idea! Please come up with something else there, a light that is motion activated like mentioned above or something!!

During school, there is a real need for a traffic circle right at the corner of Lynn Road (Tiger Drive) and Wornall. This would keep the traffic moving and not backed up with the traffic going to and from the High School and Community Center.

Business district needs sidewalks but could pass on cosmetics.
Roundabout is a terrible idea, but that ditch drop off at the McCleary intersection has always been hazardous.
Wornall & Lodwick have always been a speedway and has always needed to be a 4-way stop … speaking as a resident that constantly calls for radar.

Also as a resident of Wornall, I’d rather have a sidewalk in my front yard than this drainage ditch we constantly have to maintain.

The roads in this town need repaved all over.

This is going to be so nice!!

Why isn’t there a sidewalk at the end of the walking trail at Lynn Road?

Please don’t put a roundabout on a 2 road crossing. I don’t know what city planner decided that should be such a popular thing but it is unnecessary. A roundabout is great when 4-5 roads come together but a mini one is never a good idea.

Also although sidewalks are great do any of these plans have meat to them? The one next to Taco Bell shows the ditches being removed, are they proposing a network of underground storm sewers or how are they dealing with water? Does this plan show how many people will use these things. The pedestrian bridge seems like a very expensive investment to help a very small percentage if any. Kansas City installed a few that never were used. The drawings are nice but the report that should accompany this is more important.

Gaining input is always good. Do I remember correctly that several years ago an architectural firm was hired & paid to develop a Master Plan? Perhaps I am mistaken but I thought I remember seeing their proposed enhancements which, based upon population growth projections, outlined what they believed to be needed infrastructure like sidewalks, specifically on the west side.

I think surveys like this are great. I appreciate the City taking our opinions into consideration.

I am a little disappointed that the East side of town was not included in this survey. The West side definitely needs improvements, too. Disappointing that the East side isn’t even a talking point.

Is it possible to get a sidewalk at Cliff and Kansas City Ave. area? I have a elementary student that has to walk down from Beverly and Adam’s to Cliff in the road.

There are sidewalks? Lol, but in all seriousness, Wornall has needed them for years. Its always baffled me as to why that wasn’t a priority being near schools within one or two blocks. In my experience, that’s one of the first to be done.

Jesse James needs sidewalks.

The real thing I question is the thought of a roundabout at McCleary and Wornall. They are a big waste of money and in my opinion a worthless traffic idea. Cost of them in maintenance and construction is a waste.

Anything that helps with the traffic at the McCleary and Kearney intersection would be welcome. I live nearby in the Stone Crossing subdivision and people driving down McCleary crest the hill there too fast and makes it difficult to turn left onto McCleary. A roundabout, 4 way stop, lights … anything. I am not picky.

Need a sidewalk along Jesse James from the 10 Hwy./J.J. Rd. light to at least the Daycare (preferably to the Pizza Hut/Ga Station. Lots of kids and adults along that road with cars whizzing by. A pedestrian bridge over 69 is a great idea. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly been run over by people running the light. Once had to yank my dog hard to prevent her being run over as the car missed me by mere inches.

And how about a side walk on Tracy from 69 to J.J. We only have a fire station there and Tracy connects to the walking path. While you’re at it, why not finish/repair the sidewalk on Dunbar from the RR tracks to J.J. Rd. Finishing that and doing the one block on Tracy and along the banks edge on Jesse James would connect the walking path all the way to downtown, especially if you could fix that one stretch on N. KC Ave. Why they didn’t do that when they replaced the bridge is a real mystery.

Really need it from Jesse James to the Job Corps. On 10 Hwy.

I live in Wornall Estates and think the roundabout is a good idea.

Job Corps Hill needs something. I’ve lived here 12 years and there’s still no sidewalk going down that hill part way is scary watching kids walk on the side of the hill with semi’s going by.

SIDEWALKS???? All the way to the west side of town?!?!?! That would be the most awesome improvement Ever! Just sayin.

As a resident of that neighborhood since 1990, I find it hard to believe that this is just now coming up and not part of the building plan that is already under construction.

Most of the neighborhoods themselves have sidewalks but most of the major artery streets are open ditches and dangerous to walk. Wornall, Crown Hill, McCleary all need them or a hard surface trail to connect them. The railroad bridge by Westview will be very problematic as the only “easy” solution would be something like pedestrian stair towers and bridge that no one would want to use anyway.

I just happen to drive down Crown Hill and turned west on Wornall today @ high, middle school dismissals and bus times today. There needs to be a sidewalk on both of those streets. Yes a 4 way stop at Lodwick and Wornall would go a long way towards slowing traffic down.

Yessssssss to sidewalks!

Need side walks.

When I first moved here onto Wornall Road about 17 years ago I saw the distinct possibility that there would be a fatality soon. Back then the population was further west from the middle school had huge numbers of students who walked … I attended City Council meetings on a regular basis to bring the situation to the forefront. There is a 20 mph school speed limit from Zay on east to Crown Hill. NO one pays any attention to it. At that time busses were going through the stop signs … it was a mess. I invited the Police Chief to come to my drive way and observe … He did for a few days and at least got the bus drivers to observe the stop sign. But since then, the number of students walking has diminished and I just gave up … Traffic studies should have been done and sidewalks from Crown Hill to the new school should have been put in place … when I first asked someone about sidewalks I was told that ALL students would be bussed no matter how close to school that they lived … and it goes on and on …

Whats to discuss??? Definitely need sidewalks near all schools!!! Wornall is so unsafe without sidewalks even before the new grade school!!! High school and Middle school kids have to walk in the street to and from school every day and now there is a new grade school in the same area!!! There should of been sidewalks before now!!!

Just my 2 cents: Lynn Road from at least Brunke where one starts to the walking trail is located all the way and beyond becoming Tiger Dr. going south needs sidewalks. I live on Lynn Road and, especially when the weather is nice, I observe tons of foot traffic from the trail walkers as well as middle school and high school kids walking in the road. I would love to see some consideration in sidewalks being placed along this route.

Yes sidewalks!!!

Side walks and street lights on Wornall, Lodwick and Crown Hill roads!

Waller Ave. is considered walking distance to Westview but with the hill and speeding cars including the cops, there is no way I would let my kiddos walk to school. Definitely not safe.

35+  years ago the students living along 10 highway attending Elkhorn School were walkers. They either had to walk or have mom or someone drive them to school. This had gone on for several years. Some mothers don’t know that any were parents of the walkers did a walk up the highway showing the danger involved. They made the 5 and 6 o’clock news. Don’t know how long after that that it was decided those children could ride bus because the busses went by the homes anyway. Would not cause any overcrowding on any of the busses.

Honestly, I would be happy to give up part of my front yard on Titus to allow the city to install sidewalks so kids can safely walk on Titus without fear of being hit by someone not paying attention.

We definitely need sidewalks from the new school so students don’t have to walk in the streets. I know most will be bused but sidewalks should be made when a new development is established.

There needs to be improvements on the side walks around Lewis Elementary. We have over 50+ children who walk down Dunbar, Golf Hill, Kansas City Ave. and Isley. We need a better cross walk for Lewis Elementary children that exit the East side out onto Kansas City Ave.

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