City of Excelsior Springs – Safe Streets and Sidewalks

Safe Streets & Sidewalks

City of Excelsior Springs Improvement Project


for Safer Streets & Sidewalks

It’s time to share your story.

We are asking for your stories of walking or biking in Excelsior Springs, as well as getting your feedback on the current planning stage!

Child walking to school


Implement path system, connecting schools, improve access to parks, outdoor exercise.

Conceive Y Shopping Center area node as a unified district with improved lighting and landscaping, cooperative marketing.

Project Description

The City of Excelsior Springs, Missouri, requests $21,500,000 in U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) funding for a $27,500,000 multimodal project.  This project will improve the safety and connectivity in Excelsior Springs through improvements to current roadways, the addition of sidewalks and trails, and pedestrian bridge over US-69. The project transforms several main corridors, including US-69, and MO-10 into safely designed complete streets to boost economic competitiveness for a small-town community. Grant funds will be used to construct roadway and intersection improvements, sidewalks and shared-use paths, manage stormwater runoff, and enhance the streetscape. Excelsior Springs’ project aligns with the goals to improve infrastructure, address public health and safety, promote connectivity, and facilitate economic development.  Our project will create jobs, safer corridors, adopt transformative technology, address climate change through reduced vehicle trips and increase equity by eliminating barriers to community destinations.